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About Forensic CPA Group

Forensic CPA Group is a professional team of experts who specialize in forensic accounting, a form of accounting that combines traditional accounting, investigation techniques and auditing. While forensic accounting covers a wide variety of potential applications and needs, our services are commonly sought after for fraud investigation as our knowledgeable team is highly skilled in uncovering fraudulent activity within your company or organization.

Our forensic accounting firm investigates fraudulent activity by extensively sifting through data, analyzing for patterns and evidence that may otherwise go unnoticed or have been covered up by individuals involved in illegal practices. We are also able to provide litigation support for circumstances in which our findings lead to legal proceedings, which can involve assistance with discovery, damage assessments and even depositions.

Beyond fraud investigation, our highly-trained and experienced team of expert forensic accounts are equipped to professionally assist companies, organizations and individuals through numerous other matters involving the exchange of money or assets, including divorce litigation, trust and estate disputes, business valuation, economic damage analysis and partnership disputes.

Our Services:

Founded in 2002, Forensic CPA Group has provided expert forensic accounting assistance to companies, organizations and individuals for nearly two decades, ensuring illegal activity was uncovered or prevented in the first place if suspicion of fraudulent acts were brought to our attention. Our mission to help uphold the integrity of your company or organization while helping to protect your financial interests in a number of situations. We excel in bringing a level of professionalism and personalized care to each and every one of our valued clients.

To learn more about forensic accounting or our forensic accounting firm and what we can do for you and your organization, please contact us today and allow us to help protect the integrity and financial interests, potentially preventing significant damage before a crime is committed.

Fraud Investigation forensic audits and calculations and discovery

Fraud Investigation

By deciphering financial statements, reconstructing likely events and tracing the path of money from where it began to where it ended up, the truth can be uncovered.

forensic audit and Litigation support of tax accounting issues

Litigation Support

Our team works closely with attorneys to assist with complex business, tax or accounting issues.We offer litigation support from beginning to end, including  trial assistance. 

certified forensic specialist managing a Partnership disputes being discussed in detail

Partnership Disputes

Forensic CPA Group provides experienced partnership dispute services. We have the attention to detail needed to sift through complex documents and assets to consequently unearth the truth.