Trust & Estate


Estate planning about having the right answers

Nobody ever said estate planning would be easy. Contemplating your mortality is hard enough, but having to deal with bureaucracy of estate taxes, healthcare issues, annuities, 401ks, life insurance and the eligibility of heirs can make thinking about the infinite seem preferable.

Estate planning is all about having the right answers to your questions. Is there a way to avoid some or all of the costs associated with probate? Is it possible for your heir to be too young to inherit an estate? What if one of your heirs is in a marriage that looks like it will tip over into divorce? Can your estate be shielded from your heir’s creditors? At Forensic CPA Group, we’ve spent years thinking about those questions and more and developed trust and estate accounting services and answers that are intelligent and useful!

Founded in 2002, our expert team understands that your estate planning and trust and estate accounting needs are as unique as you are. That’s why we’ll work with you to clearly understand your goals, go over all of your options, work to decrease the associated expenses with probate, reduce the taxes your estate owes when you pass and do what’s necessary to transfer your estate in the way you want. We can also assist with trusts, living wills and amending your plan as necessary. To schedule a consultation, or learn more about trust and estate accounting, contact us online or by phone today!

Fraud Investigation calculations and discovery

Fraud Investigation

By deciphering financial statements, reconstructing likely events and tracing the path of money from where it began to where it ended up, the truth can be uncovered.

Litigation support of tax accounting issues

Litigation Support

Our team works closely with attorneys to assist with complex business, tax or accounting issues.We offer litigation support from beginning to end, including  trial assistance. 

Partnership disputes being discussed in detail

Partnership Disputes

Forensic CPA Group provides experienced partnership dispute services. We have the attention to detail needed to sift through complex documents and assets to consequently unearth the truth.