Business Valutation

Mergers, acquisitions or selling your business

In the world of business, everything has a degree of value. However, how can you know precisely what that value is and when? Business valuation exists to estimate either the monetary value or a partial interest in a business. These are used as a legal tool for shareholder and partnership disputes, estate planning, economic damage claims, divorce proceedings and more. If you are considering a merger, acquisition or selling your business, Forensic CPA Group has the mastery to help you through it with our business valuation services!

In order to perform the business valuation process correctly, you need a team that displays experience, judgment and knowledge of relevant information. At Forensic CPA Group, we’ve provided numerous company valuations, financial analysis and other relevant financial opinions for clients since our founding in 2002. We’ve worked on behalf of organizations, non-profits, corporations and individuals providing consulting services regarding transactions, disputes and corporate management. Additionally, our team has the certification and experience to appear in court to deliver expert testimony. Whether we’re providing testimony, assisting with the litigation process, or anything else, we do so from a place of experience and integrity. For more information about business valuation or our business valuation services, schedule a consultation and contact us today!

Fraud Investigation forensic audits and calculations and discovery

Fraud Investigation

By deciphering financial statements, reconstructing likely events and tracing the path of money from where it began to where it ended up, the truth can be uncovered.

forensic audit and Litigation support of tax accounting issues

Litigation Support

Our team works closely with attorneys to assist with complex business, tax or accounting issues.We offer litigation support from beginning to end, including  trial assistance. 

certified forensic specialist managing a Partnership disputes being discussed in detail

Partnership Disputes

Forensic CPA Group provides experienced partnership dispute services. We have the attention to detail needed to sift through complex documents and assets to consequently unearth the truth.