Economic Damage Analysis

Utilizing State-of-the-Art Calculation Methods

Since 2002, Forensic CPA Group has been an industry leader concerning the analysis and calculation of economic damage by utilizing state-of-the-art calculation methods. Our team of experienced professionals proudly offers the economic damage analysis of complex issues in a wide variety of businesses, and does so thoroughly, accurately and quickly as we do with our forensic accounting services.

By basing our conclusions on the bedrock principles of accounting, finance, business and banking, we can deliver data that is accurate and supported by facts. Whatever information you have, we’ll investigate it thoroughly and do the necessary economic damage analysis to ensure it is rock-solid.

Along with economic damage analysis calculation, Forensic CPA Group offers skilled and certified expert testimony in numerous fields such as:

  • Lost profit damage
  • Complex commercial damages
  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Business and insurance interruption claims
  • Personal injury

With years of experience in forensic accounting, our firm has learned that by closely examining the details, as well as the big picture, we can deliver the maximum benefit to our clients. We’re happy to customize our services to fit your needs and seamlessly work with your staff to deliver the results you expect. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact us online or by phone today!

Fraud Investigation calculations and discovery

Fraud Investigation

By deciphering financial statements, reconstructing likely events and tracing the path of money from where it began to where it ended up, the truth can be uncovered.

Litigation support of tax accounting issues

Litigation Support

Our team works closely with attorneys to assist with complex business, tax or accounting issues.We offer litigation support from beginning to end, including  trial assistance. 

Partnership disputes being discussed in detail

Partnership Disputes

Forensic CPA Group provides experienced partnership dispute services. We have the attention to detail needed to sift through complex documents and assets to consequently unearth the truth.